Bio-degradable Tableware

From disposable paper to foam to plastic to the newly introduced bio-degradable plates, glasses, spoons, forks & knives; truly it has been a circle. To save our Mother Earth for the future generation we need to assess our waste disposable items which remain for years in landfills. Our conscious decision to utilize bio-degradable tableware will disintegrate into the earth as compost and will not harm the environment or animals.

Patravali – dining plate & bowl

The days when disposable plates & bowls was unheard of we depended on nature to provide us. Born in an Indian family where religious rituals & functions was a way of life, there were celebrations every month and the entire family would come together along with relative and friends. We offered food to everyone gathered on plates made from Sal leaves called as “Patravali” which is circular in shape handmade by stitching 6 to 8 Sal leaves with tiny wooden sticks. Patravali is also made from leaves of Banyan, Jackfruit, Pala tree.

Benefits :

Patravali is the most eco-friendly disposable food serving system as it degrades quickly unlike foam/paper/plastic/metallic/porcelain cutlery.

The antioxidants (polyphenols) in banana leaf is reported to help fight diseases.

They are exclusively used as aromatic food wrappers.